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Hello! My name is Jessica, owner of the Fluffy Mama. I am also a Mum, Wife, Traveler, Dreamer and Plus Size Woman!

Thank you for supporting a local small business and family.

I started babywearing when my first son was two weeks old and it has been my most valuable parenting tool. We have since had a second son who was worn within his first 12 hours of life and everyday since. There truly is nothing better than stripping everything away and just being present with your child, sometimes this is so much easier to do with a carrier.

My sons are also breastfed, another beautiful journey we have taken together. However it didn't come naturally to my first son like I had thought it would and we over came our fair share of hurdles to come as far as we have. If I can make one Mother's life easier by offering the products I have chosen for The Fluffy Mama I will have achieved what I set out to do with this business.

I very much want The Fluffy Mama to be your safe space to shop and ask questions. I have participated in the Basic Consultant Course with The Babywearing School of Australia and I am able to assist you with choosing and fitting your carriers and wraps. I am also just a Mum who truly believes in women supporting women. Parents supporting parents. We are all in this crazy thing called parenthood together, let's all lift each other up as we try and navigate our way through it.

The Fluffy Mama got her name from the term "Fluffy" meaning a fuller figure and "Fluff Mail" which is a term used in babywearing circles for a babywearing package coming in the mail. I thought it was a clever play on words, my mailman thinks it's comical ( I am hoping it will wear off soon!)

I am truly passionate about babywearing, breastfeeding and all things plus size! I want you to know that you are not alone, your tummy isn't the only one that sags and my boobs have certainly seen better days! Our bodies are amazing, they are our children's happy place. Being held by someone they love provides them with endless comfort and that is why I love babywearing. Yes it is practical. It saves me from pulling my hair out at the shop almost daily, but it also provides my boys with a calm place where they know they are safe and loved.

If you have ever wanted to try babywearing but thought there wasn't a carrier for you or that it all seemed too intimidating I am glad you have made your way to The Fluffy Mama. I am here to help you and support you. You can babywear, EVERY body can babywear. Whatever your body type or shape you deserve to know the joy of holding your child close to you.

Fluffy Love - Jessica
The Fluffy Mama is located in the Southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia and is open by appointment for fittings.
Stockists of Ankalia, Chekoh, Lillebaby, Tula, Beco, Boba, Manduca, Emeibaby, Made To Milk, Sew Sweet Creations, Hotmilk Lingerie & The Dairy Fairy